Our Membership is comprised of Professionals who work in a variety of arenas: Hospitals, Managed Care Organizations (MCO), Credentials Verifications Organizations (CVO) and large private medical practices.   Our Membership also includes a variety of different Professionals, from Office Administrators to Credentialing Coordinators to Managers, Directors, Assistant Vice Presidents and beyond!  Our primary responsibility is to ensure that the practitioners who are working in or for our organizations are who they say they are, have been educated and trained appropriately and are currently competent to perform the privileges they have requested.  Additional responsibilities include mentor Physician Leaders on standards compliance, provider enrollment, organize and execute department and committee meetings, maintain organizational bylaws and rules and regulations,  compose and maintain policies and procedures, verify that all practitioners licensure and certifications remain current, be THE resource for keeping continually prepared to meet the ever changing standards and regulations of our accrediting bodies ….etc!
Consider THIS…




1.      Pride, integrity and respect for your Profession.
Positive reinforcement from our colleagues and associates that the role we are in is of the utmost importance in the healthcare arena.  Excellence in credentialing/privileging is the foundation of a top notch medical staff.   We have an awesome responsibility to our patients in making sure that our practitioners are properly trained and remain competent to care for them.  Patient safety starts right here!


2.      Education/Professional Development
Whether you are new to the profession in New York State or continuing/maintaining your education, being a member of NYSAMSS is essential in furthering your professional development in this healthcare profession.  We provide you with the educational opportunities and resources you need to do a better job and grow as a professional.


3.      Access to Regulatory Compliance
You and your staff need to understand and be kept aware of regulatory compliance, their changes and the reasons behind them.  NYSAMSS is THE resource to keep you in the “know” with regard to New York State Department of Health, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS), The Joint Commission (TJC), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and other regulatory agencies standards and regulations.  NYSAMSS takes tremendous pride in our alliance with our New York State Department of Health representative!  This alliance has led to NYSAMSS having earned a respected voice in Albany when legislation directly impacting our profession is being considered for change!


4.      National Certification (CPCS and CPMSM)
Becoming a member of NYSAMSS is a great first step in becoming nationally Certified as a Medical Staff Services Professional (Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist- CPCS and Certified Professional Medical Services Management-CPMSM).  We have all the tools you need to accomplish your certification goals: Annual Statewide Educational Conferences, Regional Education/Networking, Regional Study Groups and access to a members only Lending Library.


5.      Professional Development and assistance meeting your Career Goals
Many NYSAMSS members have advanced their positions from Credentials Coordinators to Managers, Directors, Consultants and Educators and have gone on to become CEO’s of their own credentialing businesses.  If you are looking for career advancement or a new position in a hospital, CVO, private practice or managed care setting, the “Job Opportunities” tab on the NYSAMSS website is the best place to start.


6.      Free “Lending Library”
A great resource for beginning AND continuing your education.  The NYSAMSS Lending Library has the tools you need to prepare for certification.  Already certified?  The Lending Library is also an excellent resource for the seasoned Professional when it comes finding textbooks, DVDs or CD-ROMs to assist with policy development, FPPE/OPPE, Core Privileging conversions and MORE!


7.      Networking with Peers in the Field
Networking has to be the biggest “perk” of becoming a NYSAMSS member. You will have access to Professionals in the field at various levels from various settings literally at your fingertips!  Have a question?  Reach out to a fellow member you met at the Annual Conference or at a Regional Meeting!  Are you looking for a “Medical Staff Services/Credentialing Coach” or looking to give back and be a “Coach?”  Sign up to be matched up!  NYSAMSS even has a program (Coaching/Mentoring Program) designed to team you up with someone to be guided or to guide you on through the various complex components of this Field!


8.      The (ISN) Information Sharing Network
Considering Board Certification requirements?  Implementing application fees? Trying to streamline your processes? Need a sample form or policy?  Find out what your fellow experts are doing through the NYSAMSS email driven Information Sharing Network.  You will find it invaluable!


9.      NYSAMSS Conference Discount
All NYSAMSS members are eligible for a $100 discount when registering for the Annual Educational Conference.  You are also eligible to attend free regional educational conferences throughout the year.


10.     The most important reason:  Making new friends and lasting friendships
Once you start networking and attending meetings, this is a given.  NYSAMSS connects you to seasoned Professionals who can support you in your career. You can depend on our leadership to educate and guide you through everything from the regulatory standards compliance requirements to national Certification preparation.  Some of us have become fast friends over the years and know we can turn to each other in any crisis.   It certainly helps to have someone to turn to when you are a bit overwhelmed, to help celebrate your successes, validate your importance and support you through this ever changing industry. You and your entire staff should have the same opportunity to experience this wonderful camaraderie and fellowship.  Every member of your team deserves to be part of the New York State Association of Medical Staff Services!  Visit the “Join Us” page and be sure to join us today!