We are looking for a administrative/credentialing coordinator who have experience in ambulatory surgery setting/AAAHC accreditation. Bilingual/Spanish preferred.


Job Functions:

Administrative Support:

Assists Administrator with employee hiring to monitor timeliness of application and start date 

Communicates with new employees and current employees of orientation and/or annual  

        training requirements     

Assists Administrator with maintaining employee files for compliance with requirements and  
       NYSDOH regulations 

  1. Ensures employee’s file for current licensure, certifications, health file, etc 
  2. Ensures computer module with current documents of the employee 
  3. Works closely with DON and BOM to confirm orientation is completed within 30 days

Credentialing Support:

Assists Administrator with medical staff credentialing entity to monitor timeliness of initial applications and reappointment 

  1. Ensures computer scheduling module contains current licensure, malpractice insurance, DEA, infection control and delineation of privilege information, etc 
  2. Ensures current health file of medical staff 
  3. Assists Administrator with reappointment process to include peer review, references, etc 


Contact Person:  

Dawn Trail

Business Office Manager

Empire State Ambulatory Surgery Center

email:  dtrail@empirestatesc.com

Phone: 718-708-5777